Lavender and Chamomile

Our luxury carpet fresheners are here! We recommended lightly dusting over your carpet or rugs, leaving for 30mins- 1hour and then vacuuming up. Make sure you close the seal between uses as you don't want moisture to clog up the powder.


Our sleep fragrance is one of our best selling wax melts so had to be included in this range. With it being made with essential oils, this will best be used in the bedroom to create a relaxing, cosy aroma for your night. 

A blend of essential oils including lavender, chamomile & valerian root.


Our Carpet Fresheners are also available in 5 other fragrances.


Net. Weight 500g.


Allergens and irritants are listed on the CLP compliant labels on the back of our packaging.

Lavender and Chamomile

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